Protect the Lake Whatcom Drinking Water Reservoir

The Water Quality Is Not Being Maintained!   --  
There are Consequences in Health and Costs!

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We must -- (all of us) --
protect the Lake Whatcom Reservoir
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A Non-Technical story about the Problems----
     and the Actions needed for solutions!
Read the 21 Goals of 1992
Protect Lake Whatcom: This website is maintained by a concerned citizen, developed for a Citizens' Initiative brought forth in 1999, with the purpose of directing the City to implement Goal #2 of their own 21 Goals for the management and preservation of the Reservoir.
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Our bottom-line principles are: Protect the water supply in perpetuity -- maintain ecological viability of the lake for natural species -- distribute the financial burden fairly among those benefitting -- take immediate action if prudent -- take definitive action -- avoid actions which cut off future options.
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