Ten acre Forested Parcel in the Lake Watershed

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The ten acre forested parcel of interest is shown with a thin black line in the aerial photo image below.

Should it remain forested park-land, or be bulldozed into 43 houses crammed in at maximum density?

This is a parcel reportedly owned by Peck Uy, the land speculator-developer who also owned and developed numerous other watershed parcels in recent years, (and has failed to succeed on at least one, "Winchester Estates" on the north shore of the lake.)

About five years ago, he and his associate, engineer Pat Jones, received preliminary plat approval to develop the neighboring parcel to the north between this ten-acres and Barkeley Boulevard, "Brentwood Multi-Family" (green line, "62 New Houses".) They have never built.

Again through this associate, engineer Pat Jones, about three years ago he applied to develop this 10-acre parcel, dubbed "Springland Estates" (thin black line.) No permit has been granted -- the application is simply sitting with a filing-date registered, which vests the project with the rules in effect on that date.

Bordering it to the south is ten acres owned by the City, for water tanks and the Parks Dept (blue line, "Water".) Just to the east (right) is the Silver beach Elementary School, and in a red arrow, the location of the Park Place Drain, the City's stormwater treatment facility whose discharge has been documented to be more polluted than the natural inflow. To the west is the City's Big Rock Park (unmarked, left of word "Water").

images source. photo: City website; land parcel lines are our approximation. Dark green lines are the City's border for the Silver Beach Neighborhood. Brentwood layout: developers' application, as included in City Council packet.