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February 23rd, 2002 - Saturday

Rains on the evening of Friday, February 22nd, reached such a level that Water District 10 activated their new spill response plan. They brought portable pumps and tank trucks to the area of the Detention Tank, and used them to haul sewerage by road to the City of Bellingham's main trunk-line reception point.
Bellingham Mayor's reply about WD10's spill, City's and DoEcy's "response".

All the district's action appeared to be at the detention tank. The district was able, with the trailer-pump (1,800 gallons per minute) to remove sewage faster than it comes into the detention tank. At least one of the three pictured trucks was filled between pictures (19 minutes) --- for example, 20min X 1,800gal/min = 36,000 gal.

WD10 personnel were on site and possibly pumping since midnight (Friday-to-Saturday).

The district partially filled the blue trailer-tank and then drained it back into the detention tank Friday night. The three other trailer-tanks (combined 60,000 gal capacity), at two other location in Sudden Valley, were empty early Saturday AM.

The need to pump and haul sewage demonstrates that the Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) problems still exist to a degree that exceeds the capacity of the Lake Whatcom Blvd. force-main, and that the district will likely face overflow in the future.

A curious thing was seen earlier, in the upper area of Sudden Valley. What's the oozing-spot?

fotos on Feb 22nd, 2002
Overview at Detention Tank
Overview at Detention Tank

Tank, pump, lights
Tank, pump, lights

Tank truck in front of trailer-tank
Tank truck in front of trailer-tank

Pump filling tank truck
Pump filling tank truck
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