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A citizen group gathered signatures on a petition which would ban most powerboats from the lake. In fact, they had two such initiatives, one to the County and one to the City. They did not get enough signatures to fully qualify the County version, but it did quality as a "mini-initiative", obliging the Council to hold a public hearing on the topic in preparation for making an ordinance themselves, on the topic.

The City of Bellingham version did gain enough signatures, and was submitted for being placed on the ballot.

County Approved Limited PowerBoat Ban

The Whatcom County Council voted on July 20th 2004, to start -- in 2009 (5-years hence) -- some restrictions on the worst 2-cycle engines, another in the string of good things they have done.
crowd in Rotunda
Never mind health - money buys lots of blue shirts! The oveflow crowd spilled out into the Rotunda.

City Council Sends BoatsOff to the Ballot

The Bellingham City Council voted on Aug 23rd 2004, to submit the Certified Initiative to the voters on the November General Election Ballot.

It was the right thing to do, and the website thanks the Council. Marian Beddill made a statement to the Council before the vote.

It's FINISHED! ;-(

The Judge said don't put BoatsOff on the City Ballot for November 2004!

In a procedural shuffle, it was argued to the Judge that the Certified Initiative to the voters should NOT be on the November 2nd General Election Ballot, and the Judge agreed. On Sept 30th, he denied the request by the proponents of the Initiative for a Writ of Mandamus, and declined to order the question to be placed on the ballot.

The ballots were scheduled to go to the printer on Monday, Oct 4th.

So this is final.

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