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In Early 2000, the CC10 appointed a "Citizens' Advisory Task Force" (CATF) to study and make recommendations to the three governments about what criteria should be used in selecting (or rejecting) properties to be acquired in the Lake Whatcom drinking-water protection program. I was appointed to that committee, which met and brainstormed for nearly a year.

Here is the criterion which we sent to the City. They have changed it, so this is NOT numerically exactly what they are proposing on Monday, May 14th. The City's proposal is ab14800.pdf on the City website.

The criterion AS WE (The Advisory TaskForce) SUBMITTED in January are available for you to work ("play") with.

Download the Excel spreadsheet with a working-model of the proposed criterion; then "Save-As" to your machine, and open it.

The colored cells are UNLOCKED, for user-data entry. The rest are locked to prevent accidental loss of any mathematical functions, but are unlockable without a password.

See both of the TWO "sheets" ("tabs").

The front one is for a single parcel. The back one is for up to 4 parcels side-by side and has the City's examples entered BUT I re-judge one of the ratings.

Suggestion: Print the front sheet, to look at while entering the letter-codes into the back sheet. (although they show by auto-lookup after you make an entry.)