Costs of NOT protecting the Watershed?

We are continuously building up this roster -- your contributions are welcome.

We worry that the continued development of the watershed lands is setting the stage for future costs to do cleanup; and that the public is not being made aware of the likelihood of those future costs.

Among the items of future costs (which must be paid by taxpayers, without any choice) are:

  • Retrofit: stormwater treatment installations in subdivisions and other developments already built before this plan.
  • Retrofit: stormwater treatment installations in additional subdivisions built while the City waffles on this plan.
  • Retrofit: stormwater treatment installations in subdivisions built under tighter rules, but not following the rules.
  • Water Treatment Plant -- costs of added treatment due to diminished source-water quality.
  • Supply of specially-treated water to individuals with compromised immune systems.
  • Enlargement of Hazardous-Spills response team; equipment.
  • Aeration of the entire Basin 1 -- pumping oxygen into the lower layer.
  • Toxic algae cleanup -- removal of detrimental (hazardous) algae blooms from the Lake.
  • Eventual purchase of watershed properties at higher (inflation) costs.

Quantification of these potential costs is underway.
Contribute by sending us your calculations of incremental or absolute costs for these and other items.

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