Sewerage overflow into our drinking-water reservoir a second time, on December 16th, 2001.

Note the total absence of any public warning of the nature and hazard of raw sewerage, in all the photos.

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Map of the portion of Sudden Valley showing the "detention tank" (violet arrow) and sewerage overflow path to Lake (red bars).

Tank top

The top of the holding tank, which should be dry.
Detention Tank valve wide open

Sewage flowing out of the discharge valve gives you an idea of how much sewage was flowing, not just a trickle.
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Pipe discharge

This is the pipe releasing raw sewerage from the "holding-tank" which could not "hold".
River of Sewerage

Flow from the open 8" valve from the sewer system dumping to the golf course.

More River-of

The flow of sewerage leaves the wooded area and enters the grassy golf-course.

WHERE was the Health Department or DOE or the City??? This is a public health hazard and not one official was to been seen anywhere.

If it is not patently illegal to pump sewage into a reservoir; shouldn't it be? Maybe when parents see kids in sewage they might be concerned?

footnote: We have added these preliminary descriptions of each of these images, and they may be re-written if needed.
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