Sewerage overflow into our drinking-water reservoir yet a third time in four days, on December 17th, 2001.

This is Monday, December 17th, 2001.

The numerous agencies who should be (should have been!) involved and acting, are now back at their desks. Note the continued total absence of any public warning ON-SITE of the nature and the hazard of this raw, untreated sewerage. Detention Tank valve remains wide open (or has it been closed and opened again?)

Sewage flowing out of the discharge valve of the holding tank, again open for the third day out of four. This is a conscious, management decision of the Water District 10, to open this valve. Of course, the consequences of NOT opening it might be worse.

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Pedalestrian in sewerage

At 3:30pm, still no warnings, and do you suppose this person knows his bike-tires are contaminated.

Folks, the disregard for just ignoring untreated sewerage in a park-like community area accessible to the public is an OUTRAGE!

What is the biological composition of the brown MUCK left on the grass? What are the consequences of ingestion of this by animals: wild, pets or family-members?
River of Sewerage

This is the best photo yet, clearly showing the flow from the open valve of the sewer system "holding-tank", crossing the golf course and it's asphalt pathway, and into the creek beyond.

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The Holding Tank parking area

WHERE is the Water District 10, the County Health Department or State DOH or DOE, or the Feds (CWA)???

Wouldn't you expect activity onsite at 8:22am of a workday?

Map of the portion of Sudden Valley showing the "detention tank" (violet arrow) and sewerage overflow path to Lake (red bars).

footnote: We have added these preliminary descriptions of each of these images, and they may be re-written if needed.
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