Euclid Street Construction Mud Continues

On Nov 22nd 2003, and continuing on Nov 28th, a Euclid Street subdivision under construction, continues to muddy its runoff water, a violation of law.
Also see the siltation at the mouth of the creek.
Report: courtesy The Initiative Group
Here's who YOU can call to report such problems or violations

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The project entrance on Euclid St. is to the left (east) in this sketch-map oriented the way you'd drive in. North is down.

Water entering the site along Euclid St from upstream of the project remains clear. (Foto 1)
no mud in

Plastic pipe carries on-site mud to the street - a violation. (Foto 2)

The pipe discharges directly into the roadside ditch. (Foto 3)

A close-up view of the pipe. (Foto 4)

The water leaving the site is muddy, a violation. (Foto 5)

A longer-range view of the muddy water flowing down from the entrance drive. (Foto 6)

The site map again.

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