F I N A L     Proposal to The Voters of the City of Bellingham
proposed ballot title
"Shall the City of Bellingham protect Lake Whatcom as a precious drinking water source by acquiring targeted properties within its watersheds through dedicated funds from a surcharge on water use?".
vote one:   YES [__]   NO [__]   

Section  1. Forested Watershed Protection Program.
Section  2. New Funding by Water Users.
Section  3. Funding by Direct Revenue.
Section  4. Funding by Other Sources.
Section  5.    New Administrative Duties.
Section  6.    New Commission Created.
Section  7.          Usage of Acquired Properties, after purchase.
Section  8.          Sale of Acquired Properties.
Section  9.          Changes in Use of Acquired Properties Mandated.
Section 10.          Priority of Properties to Acquire.
Section 11.             Notification to Property Owners.
Section 12.             Severability and Construction

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