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This meeting was a sad commentary on the local governments.

After two and a half hours of mostly blabber, and upon being asked if he wished to say anything, the County Executive Pete Kremen yelled from the back of the room: "You're doing great!"

Sorry, Pete, I don't think so.

Tonight they decided to meet again in about three months, and in the meantime have committees and staff meet. So they needed a big folderol meeting with 14 Councilmembers, five Commissioners, the Mayor and the Executive, numerous staffers and the public, to do this?

Sorry, folks, I don't think so.
Joint Councils Session -- City and County
Thurs, Nov 1 - 6:PM

Here is was the official agenda and materials for the Joint Lake Whatcom Meeting that happened Thursday, Nov 1st.
There is also a fascinating 3 page "Issues for Policy Discussion" document, and other material.

Too bad they never really discussed more that a token number of these items.


Lake Whatcom Joint Councils and Commissioners Meeting
Thursday, November 1, 2007
6:00 P.M. -- 8:30 P.M.
Bellingham Municipal Court Room
2014 C Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
  1. Introduction and expected outcomes .... 5 minutes .... Chair
  2. Presentation of 2007 Accomplishment Report .... 5 minutes .... Staff
    11107 LkWhatcomProgressReport.pdf
  3. Presentation of preliminary draft 2008 Work Plan and Technical Q/A .... 10 minutes .... Staff
  4. Approve Process for further development of 2008 Work Plan .... 10 minutes .... Chair
  5. Presentation by Sudden Valley Community Association .... 10 minutes .... Chair
  6. Public Comment (3 minute limit) .... 20 minutes .... Chair
  7. Break .... 10 minutes
  8. Joint Councils/Commissioners Discussion on 2008 Work Plan .... 45 minutes .... Chair
  9. Joint Councils/Commissioners General Discussion .... 30 minutes .... Chair
  10. Approve Spring meeting date and wrap up .... 5 minutes .... Chair
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