The pipeline which failed on June 10th, 1999, runs under the Main Entranceway of Kulshan Middle School.

It is of questionable integrity.

We ask the pipeline owners to replace the entire segment on the school grounds.

Download a petition and distribute it to anyone. Sign and mail back to: Box 485 Sudden Valley, Bellingham WA 98226, by June 29th.

Petition as webpage: kulshan.htm

Petition in MSWORD: kulshan.doc

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Text of the Petition:
"We, the undersigned, hereby request that the Olympic Pipeline segment which traverses the grounds of the Kulshan Middle School in Bellingham, Washington, be replaced with new pipe, for our Kidsí Sake.

We call for safety "beyond any shadow of doubt". All the stretch of old ERW pipe from Skagit to Whatcom Falls Park got the initial pressure shock-wave which thumped that area at about 3:30 p.m., June 10th, 1999. One piece split, the day the park blew up. Another piece nearby, just uphill of this, split a seam in the hydro-test last fall. The integrity of the stretch of pipe on School property is in serious doubt.

We ask the pipeline owners to replace the entire segment on the school grounds.

For the Sake of Our Kids.

The Initiative Group -- Whatcom
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