The Forested Watershed Protection Program
edited - Dec 4th, 1999

Real Tangible Actions.

The City can make the land purchase program happen, all by themselves.

The Mayor said he supports the concept, and he had a yard-sign at his house - the only one there.

So, lobby the Mayor and the City Council to hold watershed lands in forestry.

It takes money; the City Council defines water utility rates for all user classes, including GP.

Specific Policies may be recommended by the Blue-Ribbon Advisory Panel, which was already appointed last spring.

Water rates for Georgia-Pacific are up for grabs.

Funds collection is routinely managed by the Finance Director.

Land Purchases are routinely done by the City Council.

Land Management responsibilities must also be set by the City.

Storm-water Treatment will continue to be planned. Will it work? What will it cost?

and ---- much more

Paperwork Actions.

The City's procedures need to be cleaned up.

It is proper that the City add to its procedures the prior legal review of Initiative language, and sets the ballot title and "number", before signature gathering starts.

This will make the City comparable to the County and State, whose program requires the senior attorney to check (Code Review) the proposed language (just like is done for the legislature) for validity under the Constitution, etc; and to set the Ballot title and number.

Signature gathering then goes out carrying the exact Ballot Title and Initiative Number, which never changes.

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