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Agate Bay has seen several unexplained sudden fish kills over the years. Hundreds of dead native fish have washed up on the beach, with no prior warning. No adequate tests were done, and there has never been an explanation.

Along "Y" Road at the right center of the map, are three identified landfills, probably toxic to some degree, but not yet quantified. The County owns two of them, and the third was a private car-wrecking business that finally was shut down in 2001.

There is an abandoned "Gas Station" at the junction of "Y" Road and Northshore Drive, at the lower center of this image. It's condition is not known to us, but it is easy to presume that petroleum products and auto maintenance chemicals were dumped in "the back-yard".

Probably no influence on the Lake, the Bonneville Power Authority's major powerline crosses this area, from mid-left (a faint diagonal "\" line shows on the bluff) to lower right. It runs along the north-east shore, then passing Sedro-Woolley farther south.

A pipeline company started a proposal in year 2000 for a new natural gas pipeline that would have entered at the top and exited next to the powerline on the lower right. It appears they have backed down -- but stay vigilant.

What more, that you would not want in your tap-water, lurks near or in the Reservoir?

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