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The southern end of Stewart Mountain, on the east shore of Lake Whatcom, is mostly "owned" (controlled) by DNR, the State Department of Natural Resources. This is the section beyond the end of Northshore Road and the last houses, and has very little urbanization, but is prime for logging. Topography here is steep, so erosion is great and fast from any land disturbance like forest roads for logging, heavy-vehicle recreation, logging itself, and urbanization.

Because it is remote, and is little different from other similar upland regions, this region has suffered little damage by people. This is fortunate, because it also furnishes a goodly percentage of the surface runoff water that feeds the lake each year.

Both private and State DNR logging have been happening on Stewart Mountain. The DNR Landscape planning, prompted by the more troublesome south-east side (Lookout Mountain), will be applied here, because it is still within the potable-water reservoir watershed.

What more, that you would not want in your tap-water, lurks near or in the Reservoir?

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