The BAD Proposed(*) "Lake Louise Connector Road"
   (*) Item removed from County list in January 2005!

Route proposal and comments about the bad roadway idea through the forested lands upstream (south) of the Geneva neighborhood of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir watershed, Bellingham, Whatcom County, WA.
On the left (west) is Interstate 5 and the Samish exit, already with a stub of road uphill for a few blocks, intended to connect to the San Juan Blvd stub, already built west of Yew Street Road. In the center section, between Yew Street Road and the City Limits around the Whatcom Falls neighborhood, the area is outside the Lake Whatcom reservoir watershed, so building would not impact the lake. However, the section right at the city limits is "sawtooth" terrain (grey oval), difficult for either a road or for building. Note the multiple streams flowing due north, parallel to each other. The problem for the Lake Whatcom reservoir watershed is the right-hand section of this map, outside the city limits and within the watershed.

In short, so long as there is no road through the area, there can be no urbanization - no new building - and the lake remains less harmed. That's good.

If an access road is built (red line), houses will be built within the watershed of the lake (purple circle), contributing substantially to the pollution flowing into the lake through the several streams which flow through the area. That's bad. Also, the Geneva area should be removed from its standing as an urban growth area, an improper designation.

lake Louise connector road
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