Vining, Crestline, Sylvan Streets - NO Connector to Barkley Blvd.
"A Quiet"...of 2002..."Alabama Quorum United In Espousing Tranquillity"

Thirty neighbors on dead-end streets off the north side of Alabama St met on March 7th, 2002 at Bloedel-Donovan Park, to learn and discuss the idea that the City seems to have, to punch though one or more of our quiet streets to Barkley Blvd. The great majority of our neighborhood seems comfortable with the present streets which give us a very functional access from Alabama Street. The top map shows how it is now, with a Greenways Trail along the south side of Barkley Blvd., just above Big Rock Garden.

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Call-to-Action in 2002:
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Bill Black    2751 Dakin St or
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Susan&Wayne McMahon    2501 Crestline Dr. (NW corner of Alabama)
click on map for aerial-photo details Vining, Crestline, Sylvan Streets - NO Connector to Barkley Blvd

Just imagine heavy through-traffic coming from Barkley Blvd, along Sylvan or Crestline or Vining Street, and onto Alabama as their preferred thoroughfare route! The red circles below highlight the problem-intersections. A dispassionate review of steep and shallow slopes shows that the "best" intersection from a traffic safety standpoint is Crestline at Alabama.

Sylvan as a Connector to Barkley Blvd

The cheapest construction effort would be to connect Crestline or Sylvan Street to Barkley Blvd, just a few hundred feet of new road ("Prob"). The red circles highlight the problem-intersections! Another route might connect the new subdivision being built (2002) south of Barkley Blvd., with a new "Alternate" cut-through near the Big Rock Garden Park, to Sylvan Street below the Pond.
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