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Lake Whatcom Reservoir: Things that Lower the Water Quality

In no specific order, here is the beginning of a list of the problems and concerns which affect the health and safety of nature and people in and around any water body, but especially the Lake Whatcom Reservoir, the sole source of drinking water for over 85,000 people and the sole survival environment for all aquatic creatures who live in that water or depend on it.

To the degree that you care, then pick at least one item, inform yourself about it, and take action to eliminate or reduce the harm derived from that problem.

  • the corporate culture which prizes immediate bottom-line profits over lasting benefits;
  • fear-based politics which chooses to not act because action might result in a lawsuit;
  • financial speculation on land development within the watershed;
  • There's surely more ....add your item to this beginning list! And then WRITE and ACT!

    How to contact Whatcom and Bellingham elected officials, and the Bellingham Herald: