On the banks of the Lake Whatcom

One of the formal Neighborhoods of Bellingham

This is the homepage for the ....

Silver Beach

of Bellingham

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What Are Your Neighborhood Issues?

Quality of Life?
Storm Drainage?
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Who to call?

Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Committee Rep: Myron Wlasnak

City Councilperson: Ward 4 Leslie Richardson

Mayor: Mark Asmundson

County Councilperson: District 1 (Pos A) Ward Nelson
County Councilperson: District 1 (Pos B) Dan McShane

County Executive: Pete Kremen

State Representative D-42nd Legislative District: Kelli Linville
State Representative R-42nd Legislative District: Doug Erickson
State Senator D-42nd Legislative District: Georgia Gardner
{Precinct 54, the tiny one, is in the 40th Legislative District{
State Representative D-40th Legislative District: Jeff Morris
State Representative D-40th Legislative District: Dave Quall
State Senator D-40th Legislative District: Harriet Spanel

US Congress: R-2nd CD Jack Metcalf
US Senate: D-2nd CD Patty Murray

Voting Precincts: Bham 114 Bham 44 Bham 84 Bham 54
PCO - Democrat Marian Beddill, D114 Charlene Warren, D44 Frank Shelton, D84 {vacant}, D54
PCO - Republican , R114 , R44 , R84 , R54

One of the major current issues for our neighborhood is "the Lake":

Watershed Protection -- Options

TIG looked at options for maintaining our water supply safe from pollution and contamination, over the next half-century or more.

A plan to treat urban storm-water flows (streams and ditches from subdivisions and possibly-polluting human use of the lands around the lake. This must be done, with our buy-up proposal or without it.

But even though fixing past problems or errors is necessary, doing so does not make a commendable plan for the future.

More development will mean: --- more pollution which will mean: --- more need for newer and even bigger treatment facilities, which require: --- maintenance -- and when the facility fails the result is: --- lots of development, --- money and time lost, and --- the lake even more polluted.

Do YOU have an alternative proposal? Suggest it to the Initiative Group, and it WILL be given fair consideration!

TIG's bottom-line principles are: Protect the water supply in perpetuity -- maintain ecological viability of the lake for natural species -- distribute the financial burden fairly among those benefitting -- take immediate action if prudent -- take definitive action -- avoid actions which cut off future options.
. Do you read the fine-print? Since almost nobody will reply to this offer, and since we are just plain citizens, those few people who DO give us feedback will really have some clout on our recommendations! Say something to us, and see!

The Initiative Group -- Whatcom
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