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More logging on Northshore!

The DNR approved an application to log ~37 acres of LWR watershed land, just above the start-point of the Northshore trail at the terminus of the Northshore Road.

At the bottom of this page, see photos of the damage.

See the map and the proposal, called
"White Chanterelle".

The Cover Letter  (copy here)

The Proposal.  (copy here)

Download, unzip and double-click on the .KML files to make Google-Earth go to the location:

Download and unzip

click for that image, static:

Better yet! - take a trip up to the Sale site:
Download a Google-Earth "Places" KML,
Save and Play it -
for a trip up to the Sale site.
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Location of White Chanterelle sale: (white splotch at right center)

Note the zig-zag forest roads which match - on the foto and map below.

We should be concerned about even more logging within the LW Reservoir watershed.

Who will keep tabs on this activity?

How does this logging plan fit in with the proposed creation of a mega-park within the watershed?

Will this spot become the Visitor Center, Guest Lodge and parking lot?

(video clip, below, requires
some video-function on your computer, and
will take time to download before playing)

This video shows the views from just above the White Chanterelle harvest - panning from northwest at the existing access road/powerline, then southwest at the Lake below.

NEW! - More logging photos at the White Chanterelle harvest!

Road before logging.
photos: Aric Mayer

Same road after logging.

Stand before logging.
photos: Aric Mayer

Same stand after logging.

These are areas of the White Chantrelle Harvest of 2008-2009.

We believe this is not good for the water quality in the Reservoir.

And we believe that no more harvesting (clearcut logging) should be done within the watershed of the Reservoir.

Slash after logging.
photos: Aric Mayer
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