Alabama Hill - Silver Beach - Birch Heights Development

Part of Alabama Hill - Silver Beach. The watershed divide is the faint RED line

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The relationship of the Birch Heights Development to the boundary of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir watershed - about half the project is INSIDE the watershed. (the right-hand section, lightly speckled in color.)

In 2001, the City passed new law restricting Land Clearing and Earthwork during the rainy season, for the purpose of better protecting the Lake.
(BMC 16.80.120 "Seasonal Restrictions On Clearing And Earthwork")
For some reason, the language of this restriction defined the area of applicability as the formal "Neighborhood" of Silver Beach, not the actual watershed of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir which it's purpose is to protect. The neighborhood line is Fir Street. By this quirk (our opinion) in the law, this project is substantially within the watershed, but not restricted from earthwork during the rainy season, by this rule. Even so, other restrictions, and "good practice", suggest that great care must be taken in whatever work is done on the project. The citizens will be watching.

Each year, the City posts a sign, alerting the public to this restriction. Here is the sign on Oct 11, 2006.
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Thus, this project merits careful watchfulness by the citizens, to avoid runoff pollution to the Lake Whatcom Reservoir, to Whatcom Creek, or to any parts of neighboring properties.

Project Status - March 2007
Birch Heights Project Water treatment facility - March 1st, 2007.
    (looking west on Alabama Street)

Birch Heights Project Water treatment facility

No evident violations seen during several site visits this winter. -- (tig)

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