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South Bay Fire Station (new work done July 2007)
Fire District "Construction"
Land clearing was conducted on the property of the Fire District #18, located at 3250 South Bay Dr. (red circle on Property map, and "F D" on area map)

This was reported by The Bellingham Herald, which ran a lead article about this "project" which is causing pollution: .

According to the Herald story, there was earthwork right on the shoreline, perhaps extending into the water itself. (Be sure to read the 8 or more online comments by "the public" at the Herald webpage. Link at the top of the story.)

And on Friday, July 20th, The Bellingham Herald again ran a lead article about this "project", this time with an Editorial calling for appropriate punishment, not leniency. We appreciate the coverage by The Herald.

Here is a copy of their article and editorial:

Here are some additional photos and details - July 15th, 2007.
New aerial photo, taken August 14, 2007
Note the muddy water at the coastline.

(photo copyright Tore Ofteness])

Aerial photo (2004) of the area around the Fire District #18, South Bay Station.
(photo: City of Bellingham GIS)

Click on any small image to see the full-sized picture......

1 - from straight across the bay

2 - view from the south - recreational activities

3 - view from the north across the bay

4 - looking south at the HeliPad - doesn't look much like a landing-pad to us!

5 - looking south at the HeliPad - note the steep slope to the Lake

6 - the machine which probably did the damage

7 - silt in the water of your Drinking-water Reservoir

8 - note the size of the tree trunk cut on-site.

4 - tracks of the backhoe on brand new sod,

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