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South Bay (new-issues, May & July 2007)
Fire District "Construction"

New Photos at Fire District #10

Land clearing was conducted on the property of the Fire District #10, located at 3250 South Bay Dr. (red circle on Property map, and "F D" on area map)

This was reported by The Bellingham Herald, which ran a lead article about this "project" which is causing pollution: .

According to the Herald story, there was earthwork right on the shoreline, perhaps extending into the water itself. (Be sure to read the 8 or more online comments by "the public" at the Herald webpage. Link at the top of the story.)

We now have published here additional photos. Click on the key-map.

And the Bellingham Herald ran a new lead article and their Editorial about this "project" on Friday, July 20th. and .

Here is a copy of their article and editorial:

South Bay: Sewerline and Construction
A proposal is being considered to extend the LWWSD sewerline south of Sudden Valley, to serve the mobile home park there. (See purple bar - the region shown in this panoramic view - click for magnified image!.)

Who would be served? Exactly what properties?).

Any new sewerline raises the specter of additional urbanization in the areas which it could serve. Thus, we view any proposal for utility extensions into areas not currently served with great skepticism.

The Whatcom County Council, and their Planning Department, are the jurisdictions who can constrain or stop this project. Please call them and ask that no permit be issued for trunk sewer lines within the Lake Whatcom Reservoir watershed.

Also, the LWWSD could say no, but we perceive they think it is in their internal self-interest to expand their service base. More properties served is more income - then somebody else will pay the resultant costs of lake pollution.

Creek banks and Reservoir shoreline impacts
On the east side of the South Bay (circle - "B C" - click for Blue Canyon page) are some recent construction works which drew a violation order from the County. Great. But did the work stop? No. The penalty is like a mosquito-bite to a wealthy developer who stands to gain profits measired in double or triple the investment.

Erosion and Pollution "Potential" - Almost sure!
Other sites in this region (map: circle "S B") have new open earthwork on steep slopes, and polished lawns right to the water's edge. At one site a big switchback-like road is being built or reconstructed. It looks like a lot of large rock was moved in. A crane on caterpillar tracks has been observed sitting there. (click on photos for detailed views)

Plundering the Watershed
Road Switchback
This is on the south end of the lake
Posted: Jun 16, 2007

(courtesy photos - "Rebsboy")
Other sites with construction, lawns and pavement right to the waters' edge, which may seem nice for the residents, but are ghastly for the Reservoir water quality:

(click on photos for detailed, broader views of these sites)

Plundering the Watershed
Talk about infill
Posted: Jun 16, 2007

South End
So, how do petroleum byproducts get there again?
Posted: Jun 16, 2007

(courtesy photos - "Rebsboy")
click on map for larger image:
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