"Sumas2GF" debunking

The text in the left column (yellow) was scanned from the Sumas-2 advertisement in
the Bellingham Herald (6/25/00; pg E-8).

We, some customers of PSE (Puget Sound Energy, the current energy supplier), wonder when PSE is going to run an advertisement in support of the SUMAS2GF project?
-----------their ad---------

Keeping The
future bright

-----------the rebuttal----------

The future for those persons living near the proposed plant - on each side of the border - and those living under the proposed power lines will not be bright.

They don't even identify themselves. They are "NESCO" (National Energy Systems Co), dba "Sumas Energy 2". No address given (see below).
What if you flipped the switch and the light didn't come on? 

What if there wasn’t enough electricity to run the local school?

What if a factory had to shut down half its production line and send workers home without pay - all because there wasn't enough electricity to keep running?
These statements are scare tactics to gain sympathy from the population at large, and are without foundation. Schools are not big consumers of electric power.

What if you were bombarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by low-level humming and air pollution (and for some, water pollution) just so power can be sent into Canada and/or to California?

In Whatcom County:....
The energy consumption is 390 MW. (370 PSE, 20 PUD#1)
The production capacity is 675 MW, from 4 power plants.
There is no shortage of electricity. Conservation has not even been tried. There are viable and renewable alternatives to what Sumas 2 presumes -- suitable redundancy, with 4 plants already available.

Not a chance? Not so fast. Independent experts warn we could face sporadic power shortages in just a couple years because of growth and increasing demands for electricity.

In fact, we in Whatcom County have to "Import" electricity to have enough for our homes, schools, businesses and factories.
To develop such a scenario, Northwest Power Planning Council, the "independent experts," used the GENESYS computer model selecting the driest year on record (1932), and combined it with the hottest year on record (1950), as the basis of their "expert" opinion. Such a bias position raises suspicion of the company and their representatives.

Chuck Martin has said repeatedly in public meetings ..."we have no intention of running transmission lines into Whatcom County. Our plan is to send it all to Canada."

Who is lying?

The project proponent, "SE2", is fully aware that power is both imported and exported from Whatcom County. Their statement shows intent to deceive. The power that is imported is on the BPA grid to serve the aluminum smelter in Ferndale, a special deal which should not be merged with general consumption. The power that is exported is on the Puget Sound Energy Grid.
There are ways to avoid future brownouts and shortages, and one local company is already here working on a part of the solution. This is a classic marketing ploy of nice words hiding partial truths.
"...ways to avoid...":? Of course there are, like conservation!
"...local company...":? We wonder who that is! The proponent is a Bellevue Corporation, under distant owners.

PSE has made no statement about needing power nor have they indicated they would purchase power from NESCO’s Sumas-2 merchant plant. Without 48 miles of 115 KV transmission lines built across Whatcom County to deliver the power to the grid, NESCO’s part would serve no purpose even to customers in California.
Sumas Energy 2 would provide 660 megawatts of electricity from state of the art, high efficiency gas-fired turbines.

Sumas Energy 2 will allow us to shut down or curtail use of dirtier, older generating plants.

And it will help make sure there is enough water for salmon.
In addition to many other pollutants, Sumas 2 would release 6,600 tons per day of carbon dioxide, the main ingredient in global warming (along with other pollutants). Proposed discharge of waste water affects health of local river systems - this according to the DEIS.

"....shut down...." plants? Whose? Where? No assurances are given!

Sumas 2 has no authority or control over what other power providers do or whether or not they exist, beyond their own S1GF. Specious statement.

"....use of dirtier, older generating plants...."? Admitting it now -- compare to their statements when they applied for it!!

As said, we don't need the energy!
Even the best turbines pollute -- read their own EIS.
Our air, water and salmon don't care about their efficiency!

The reference to "....saving salmon....", is unjustified, false and irrelevant, makes me want to barf!

The Abbotsford City Council and Downtown business community are totally opposed to the construction of this 660 MW Merchant plant in "their back yard." PSE has made no statement indicating a need for power generated by the SE2 merchant plant, thus it appears this point is statement is made to wave an environmental flag in the hope an ill informed citizenry will support public officials and agencies approval of such a project.
With your support, together we can make sure we have a healthy environment, a reliable source of electricity, and a strong economy. If the power is not needed in Whatcom County, we are ill advised to accept the tons of pollutants that would result from this 660 MW merchant power plant.

Environmental concerns are the major complaints. Air, surface water, ground water, noise pollution are well identified. Yet they dismiss these with a brief phrase!

They also state that there will be a "two year construction period", even though the DEIS states it will be only 12-18 months, and Darrell Jones stated publicly that they expected to complete construction within 12 months. Proponents in the legislature continue to cite a "three year construction period."
If you'd like to find out more about the Sumas Energy 2 project, call us at or e-mail us at sumas2info@national-energy.com. Past response from NESCO would suggest this offer is hollow, that based on past requests no realistic information will be provided.

They don't even identify themselves. In fact, they are "NESCO" (National Energy Systems Co), dba "Sumas Energy 2", (but no address given here!!).

Sumas Energy 2 Summary: Transmission lines are more likely to be the limitation for providing a dependable supply of power. For this reason when more power generation is needed, generating plants should be built in the vicinity of the load being served, such as the new power plant proposed to serve the ARCO refinery. Releasing such loads as the ARCO Refinery from the grid frees large blocks of power allowing PSE to continue to serve customers in Whatcom county.
A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR ALL 0F US. Depends on who "us" is!

Their shareholders and Executives, for sure.
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