The Initiative Group

Summary of the
Lake Whatcom Reservoir Protection Program Proposal

Key Points:

  1. Allows voters of Bellingham the opportunity to vote on creation of long term funding to begin land acquisition within the Lake Whatcom Watershed Reservoir.
  2. Establishes a household water user fee within City of Bellingham of between zero and $12/month that is dedicated towards land purchases within the reservoir.
  3. May use a bond issue to accelerate watershed land acquisition.
  4. Prioritizes land purchases to provide best environmental return on investment.
  5. Complements other watershed protection activities by City, Whatcom County, Water District 10 and State Department of Natural Resources.
  6. Begins work to obtain matching funds from State, Federal and private sources.
  7. Provides management for long term protection of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir Watershed.
  8. Accelerates the reservoir watershed land acquisition process already begun by The City of Bellingham in recent land exchanges within the Lake Whatcom Reservoir Watershed boundaries.

Summary Statement
as read at City Council meeting on Sept. 14th, 1998

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