"Shall the City of Bellingham protect Lake Whatcom as a precious drinking water source by acquiring targeted properties within its watersheds through dedicated funds from a surcharge on water use?"
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WHY? and WHAT? is to be done?

Volunteer Opportunities - (make a difference! -- gain experience!)

The (revised) goals:    7,000 signatures by June 15th --   61% "Yes" on Nov. 2nd

voice-mail 752-0090 (24hrs) -- email message: tig@nas.com

As we move from campaign-1999 to campaign-2000 .....
"Indoors" Tasks:
  • Neighborhood Event Hosts
  • Spokespersons
  • Publicity
  • DataBase
  • Letter writers
  • Fund-raisers
  • ......
  • ... and more, we're crafting the details week by week
"Outdoors" Tasks:
  • Field trips stewards
  • Doorbeller team captains
  • Activity trackers.....
  • Legal researchers
voice-mail 738-3151 (24hrs) -- email message: tig@nas.com

these are TIG's: TASKS to be done -- and Campaign volunteer call!:

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