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  • caucus: -- one of the 18 designated government or interest groups in the WRIA-1 Planning program
  • clearcut logging: -- cutting almost all the trees from a parcel or block of land
  • COB: -- City of Bellingham
  • COG (sic: see WCOG)
  • diversion: -- a small hydraulic engineering structure that captures some water in a stream and sends it somewhere else, in a ditch or tunnel
  • DNR: -- Department of Natural Resources, State of WA
  • DOE: -- Department of Ecology, State of WA (also Ecy)
  • DOH: -- Department of Health, State of WA
  • DOT: -- Department of Transportation (State of WA)
  • erosion: -- the moving of soil or rock from one place to another by flowing water
  • ground-water: -- water which is underground, in soil or rocks, at any depth
  • surface-water: -- water which is on the surface of the ground
  • herbicide aerial spraying: -- putting chemicals onto properties by aircraft to kill "undesirable" plants
  • I&I: -- Infiltration and Inflow -- water that gets into a sanitary sewer pipeline, but should not have
  • IG's: -- the Initiating Governments of the WRIA1 program (WC, COB, PUD1, LummiNation, NooksackTribe)
  • Geneva: -- a UGA of the City of Bellingham, in the Lake Whatcom watershed, south shore
  • PUD1: -- Public Utility District #1
  • Lummi Nation: -- native american soveriegn nation, recognized by treaty with the US Government
  • Nooksack Tribe: -- native american tribe, acknowledged by administrative act of the US Government
  • Lake Louise Connector road: -- proposed new road between the existing Lake Louise road and Yew Street Road
  • Middle Fork: -- branch of the Nooksack River
  • South Fork: -- branch of the Nooksack River
  • North Fork: -- branch of the Nooksack River
  • MOA: -- Memorandum of Agreement
  • MOU: -- Memorandum of Understanding
  • PAH: -- polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (or sometimes polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (aka PNA))
  • PCB: -- polychlorinated biphenyl - an especially toxic petroleum product formerly used in electrical transformers
  • potable; potable water: -- water safe to drink, commonly: "drinking water".
  • PU: -- the Planning Unit (all 18 caucusses)
  • runoff: -- water which flows over a surface (roofs, pavement, land)
  • second sewer line from Sudden Valley: -- proposed pipeline along Lake Louise road
  • sewer system: -- pipelines and other facilities such as pumps which collect and move sewerage water
  • staff team: -- employees of the IG's
  • sub-soil: -- shallow geological formations
  • Sudden Valley: -- a very large subdivision which has a managing Association, on the South shore of Lake Whatcom
  • surface-water treatment facilities: -- engineering structures which take in possibly-polluted runoff and put out cleaner water
  • tech team: -- a group of individuals selected from the caucusses to develop or review a product of the WMP
  • UGA: -- an Urban Growth Area - specific designation within the Growth Management Act
  • urban infrastructure : -- roads, power, communications, water and sewer systems
  • urbanization: -- changing from rural to urban land use, by installing urban infrastructure
  • watershed: -- the topographic basin whose runoff water flows to an identified discharge point - a "bowl with an outlet"
  • WC: -- Whatcom County
  • WMP: -- Watershed Management Plan (or Program)
  • WCOG: -- Whatcom Council of Governments (has been WCCOG or COG)
  • WD10: -- Water District #10 -- water and sewer utility serving Sudden Valley, and other regions not within a city.
  • WRIA: -- Water Resource Inventory Area - there are 63 covering the State of Washington
  • WRIA-1: -- Water Resource Inventory Area Number 1 - the Nooksack River watershed basin and associated basins including Lake Whatcom, California Creek, Dakota Creek and Sumas River.
  • WRIA-3: -- Water Resource Inventory Area Number 3 - the Skagit River watershed basin and associated basins.
  • Y-Road-east: -- (about 3495 Y Road) a lightly supervised County-owned trenched landfill that had who-knows-what dumped into in for over a decade. Shut in a hurry in the 80's by the County, before safety-regulations came into effect.
  • Y-Road-west: -- (about 3400 Y Road) a nearly unsupervised open gully that had who-knows-what dumped into in for decades.

The Initiative Group
Our bottom-line principles are: Protect the water supply in perpetuity -- maintain ecological viability of the lake for natural species -- distribute the financial burden fairly among those benefitting -- take immediate action if prudent -- take definitive action -- avoid actions which cut off future options.

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The Initiative Group -- Whatcom
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