Why there is protection needed for the Lake Whatcom Reservoir?

1. Lake Whatcom pollution levels are becoming critical already.
Cryptosporidium - the City of Bellingham provides bottled water to "at risk" residents
such as children under 5, elderly, pregnant women, immunocompromised such as
organ transplant patients, cancer patients, AIDS patients, people with diabetes
Giardia - an intestinal parasite which can sometimes escape treatment from chlorination.
E-coli - bacteria found in human and animal feces. Already above acceptable levels.
Heavy metals - Dr. Robin Matthews report on Lake Whatcom has found high levels of cadmium
in the drinking water.
PCB's - Several years ago, electrical transformers with polychlorylbiphenyls (PCB's ) found their way into the lake.
Non-point pollution - runoff from lawns, spraying, human activity all ends up in the Lake.
Oil & gasoline spills

Y street dump site
Fish kills
Unknown pollutants currently not tested for.

2. Additional residential development only further degrades our fine water source.
At current density in the watershed, a possible 20-30,000 additional people could be living in the watershed.

3. It is cheaper to purchase land than pay for watershed clean up later.
Many cities have come to the same conclusion: it is far cheaper to prevent pollution via land acquisition rather than pay for clean up later.

4. Most major cities in Washington State purchase their watersheds and put them behind
a chain link fence.

5. It is plain common sense to protect our water supply for current and future generations.


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